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The importance of rest Rest like a champion!

La importancia del descanso en el deporte: clave para mejorar el rendimiento

We are going to talk about the importance of rest both at a sporting and aesthetic level. The brain Human is probably the most complex and powerful “computer” in the world. Without it, nothing in our body is capable of functioning on its own. But all computers, even the most powerful, need their rest and tuning.

La importancia del descanso Sizen

Sometimes, a reset may even be optimal so that the system continues to fulfill all its functions. And our natural way of restoring the system is to do it through rest. Sleeping well and enough hours at night, and being able to take a short nap – at least half an hour – or relax for a while in the middle of the day, are the key to not feeling exhausted.
After all, all mammals relax after eating... But if a brief break is not possible during the day, resting at night should be absolutely mandatory.

beauty sleep

The hours of sleep at night are essential if we want to face a new day full of energy, with our "batteries" well charged. While we sleep, our metabolism slows down to allow total relaxation of the muscles, sleep being the best restorative method for your tissues, since during the different phases of sleep, they regenerate. Therein lies the importance of rest! speed up this is one of the benefits of presotherapy

And there are still many more benefits to our health when we sleep at least 8 hours a day. Although there are no conclusive results on the minimum required sleep hours, we are going to focus on the minimum 8 hours as a reference, although there are people who sleep well for 5-6 hours and feel recovered.

La importancia del descanso Sizen

Sleeping provides us with a general state of well-being with positive effects on our memory and ability to concentrate, in addition to strengthening the immune system and reducing blood pressure or inflammation, without underestimating that we will also feel more energetic and in a better mood.

If we rest badly it also affects weight gain, causing our body to secrete a hormone that increases your appetite, and this is because the part of your brain that controls sleep is the same part that regulates metabolism.

Why should you worry if you can't rest Give importance to rest!

Our sleep patterns, often broken by the hectic pace of our lives or due to the many worries on our minds, can lead to a state of stress that becomes chronic with terrible consequences for both body and mind.

None of these fully interconnected systems will work well if we don't give the importance to the rest it deserves. If we have been sleeping badly at night for a long time, without totally disconnecting.
Feeling like we haven't really reached deep sleep but have been tossing and waking all night – half awake, half asleep – we are more than likely to wake up feeling like a truck has run over us. How important it is to rest!

La importancia del descanso Sizen

It would not be strange to suffer from painful back contractures or to feel that our legs weigh us down like sacks of flour. The matter is serious and we should not underestimate these warnings. Surely they are symptoms of a sleep disorder that should be consulted and treated with our doctor, before becoming something severe.
A mind and a body that do not rest will sooner or later be a sick mind and body. Don't wait any longer to give importance to rest!

And there are many ailments that we can suffer as a result of poor rest:

  1. Heart diseases
  2. Diabetes
  3. some types of cancer
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Stroke
  6. Decreased testosterone in men.
  7. Lack of sexual appetite in both sexes.
  8. Increase of Cortisol – stress hormone – which can lead to being overweight.
  9. Imbalance in the production of endorphins, which can lead to anxiety-depressive disorders.
  10. Irritability and lack of mental concentration
  11. Poor physical and mental performance

Basic tips for a better rest

Sometimes, we come home after an intense day of work so tired that we would go directly to bed, but this is almost never possible, since we usually remain active for a long time before hugging the pillow. It would therefore be convenient to adopt a series of patterns that help us enter into "relax mode" and get us ready to fall peacefully into the arms of Morpheus:

  • Maintain a regular schedule
  • Try to follow the solar cycle (go to bed a few hours after sunset and get up when it rises again)
  • Try to recover our time routine as soon as possible, when we have broken it during the weekend, for example, for leisure reasons.
  • Do not use devices such as mobile phones or tablets shortly before going to sleep and do not be busy working - whenever it can be avoided - before going to bed. All of this will keep our brain alert and prevent us from disconnecting.
  • Maintain a stable temperature – between 18 and 22 degrees – in the bedroom.
  • Take a short warm shower an hour and a half before going to sleep.
  • Or take a foot bath, it will also work as the shower.
  • Sleeping without socks (a decrease in internal body temperature is what induces sleep)
  • Perform physical exercise – between 30 and 60 min. – before taking our dinner for athletes, taking into account that a break between exercise and food intake is advisable to recover well and allow the body to finish its calorie burning process, which remains active for an hour and a half after having performed sport activity.
  • Have something light for dinner such as vegetables or salad or even a good nutritious smoothie to avoid heavy digestion and try to have dinner at the latest, one hour before bedtime.
  • Avoid sugar or caffeine before bedtime as they are exciting that alter our nervous system.
  • Have sex whenever you feel like it, either alone or in company. The orgasm is a powerful sedative and relaxant, both mental and muscular, completely natural and highly recommended by doctors and psychologists.

In conclusion, trying to find a balance that maintains a state of physical and mental well-being is essential to have a good rest.

Sizen as a driver of relaxation

yes your team SIZEN It can also be a perfect ally when resting. Any of the accessories has been designed to provide you with a complete and deep massage, capable of not only redirecting fluids by stimulating the lymphatic system, but also has a relaxing effect that relaxes your muscles.

Equipo de presoterapia SIZEN 6+
Presotherapy equipment SIZEN 6+

Either at half a day, in a brief break or at night, before going to sleep, put yourself "in the hands" of SIZEN It can also help you when it's time to fall asleep, it's time to give importance to rest. Close your eyes while you concentrate on the massage or enjoy a good series while the session is in progress presotherapy (the definition of presotherapy), it will also help you enter a state of relaxation prior to sleep in which you should already be much more rested.

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