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Sports pressotherapy: what it is, benefits and how to use it for a better recovery

Presoterapia deportiva: qué es, beneficios y cómo usarla para una mejor recuperación

In the field of sport, muscle recovery is a fundamental aspect to maintain optimal performance and prevent injuries. In this sense, the Sports pressotherapy has gained popularity as an effective technique to speed muscle recovery. reduce blood acid level and improve sports performance. In this article, we will explore what sports pressotherapy is, the benefits it offers in muscle recovery, how it can benefit high-performance athletes, and how to use it properly.

What is sports presotherapy?

There sports presotherapy is a non-invasive technique which uses special compression garments to apply controlled pressure to certain areas of the body. This sequential and gradual pressure stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, promoting the drainage of liquids and toxins accumulated in the tissues. In this way, it improves blood circulation and lymphatic, which promotes muscle recovery and the removal of waste substances.

Benefits of pressotherapy in muscle recovery in athletes

Sports pressotherapy offers a series of benefits for muscle recovery in athletes. Some of them include:

  • Improved circulation: The sequential pressure applied during pressotherapy helps stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, which favors the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, thus accelerating their recovery.
  • Reduced inflammation: Pressotherapy helps reduce inflammation and edema in muscle tissue, which is especially beneficial after intense physical exertion or sports injury.
  • Muscle fatigue relief: By stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic system, pressotherapy helps to eliminate waste products generated during physical activity, which helps to alleviate the feeling of muscle fatigue and accelerates recovery. 

Presotherapy for high-performance athletes: what it brings them 

Sports pressotherapy brings numerous benefits to high-performance athletes. Some of the most outstanding advantages are:

  • Faster recovery: Pressotherapy speeds up the muscle recovery process by improving circulation and removing metabolic waste products. This allows high-performance athletes to recover faster between training sessions and competitions, reducing the risk of accumulated fatigue and injury.
  • Injury prevention: By improving circulation and reducing inflammation, pressotherapy helps prevent muscle and joint injuries in high-performance athletes. By keeping the tissues in optimum condition, the probability of suffering trauma or micro-lesions is reduced.
  • Improvement of sports performance: The combination of faster muscle recovery, reduced fatigue and injury prevention helps improve sports performance in high-performance athletes. By allowing optimal recovery between training sessions and competitions, pressotherapy gives them the ability to train more intensely and consistently, which translates into better athletic performance.


Alberto Losada regularly uses presotherapy for recovery

With the help of Alberto Losada, former professional cyclist, we are going to give you a series of Tips and advice on how to use sports pressure therapy and that will be of great help to you. So you can get the most out of your Size 6+. In this way you will make a complete recovery and you will be ready for the next demanding day of series training or for the competition. 

Any elite athlete knows the importance of recovery. When we are recovering our muscles, they rebuild the fibers broken by the effort. It is with this break that the body repairs them... they grow, become stronger and more resistant. Therein lies the importance of how to use sports pressotherapy, get the best out of you when you're not training.



Discover how to use sports presotherapy in an effective way! 

By following these simple instructions, we will have the correct information on how to use sports presotherapy in a correct way… Let's go to the mess!

 What is the best recovery program for athletes?

We would use program no. 4 as usual to perform a standard recovery, in which we have not worked at 100% of our capacities. After a hard day of training in which we have worked very hard, we have to do a stronger discharge. In those cases the ideal is the number 3.

What happens when you are not an athlete?

All programs are fit for everyone, but the most indicated, for example, when we have spent a lot of time standing and our legs are very swollen, we would use number 2. This type of massage is also perfect when we have traveled by plane. Normally due to the pressure of the cabins we suffer a lot fluid retention. When you're an athlete, you can't afford a plane trip to reduce your performance, even more so if we have to get back to the routine the next day.

Is it recommended to use pre-training?

Before training, we should NOT use it in the same way, we should not do "normal" sessions, but instead talk about 15-20 minutes at a much more moderate pressure, not with the intention of muscle recovery or "hit the muscle" but with the intention of oxygenating and preparing it for the work that will come later.

How long should a session last?

We should dedicate approximately 40 minutes, applying the program that we want depending on the workload carried out. Take advantage of that time to read, to watch a series or just relax! Enjoy your Sizen moment!
In addition, the Sizen 6+, due to its small size and its more than 6h battery life, we will be able to enjoy many sessions without the annoying cables involved.

About 2 hours after training is the ideal time to carry out the pressotherapy treatment.

When should we carry out the treatment?

We must leave approximately 2 or 3 hours after performing the exercise. In this way we give the body time to recover its normal state and it is ready to recover.
If you have done the training in the afternoon, after a correct one cena or also before going to sleep can be a good time, that way we will be relaxed, recovered and we will add the night rest to our recovery.

What should be the pressure to apply?

This is a little to taste and depending on the thickness of your legs, but it could range between 120 and 180 mmHg of pressure. We remind you that the Sizen 6+ has the capacity to reach up to 240 mmHg. So there is enough pressure to get where you want to go.

Now all you have to do is enjoy your recovery with professional sports and aesthetic pressure therapy at home Sizen. In our blog you will find all the information you need to improve your performance. You can also call us or send a WhatsApp to 617 806 923. Welcome to Sizen!

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