Pressotherapy during pregnancy

Presoterapia durante el embarazo

Pregnancy is a crucial stage in a woman's life. New or not, it is a precious moment in the female existence but it has its effects, not always so positive, on the woman's physique. Because although evolutionarily prepared to gestate new life, its body is not made of rubber, and it is not always capable of reversing its state with the same ease and speed. In fact, it is time to demystify the saying “everything goes back to its place” because it is never 100% true. What is clear is that a younger body generally recovers sooner and better.

But the reality is that nine months is a long time, and although they are full of beautiful moments, they also place an increasing burden on both bone and muscle structure. Let's not forget that there is a baby growing day by day and that the amniotic fluid also weighs its own. And as if that were not enough, there is also fluid retention in pregnancy, which can become very pronounced and cause a lot of discomfort from early in the morning. How to take care of yourself then properly and reduce the negative effects? How to successfully combat swollen legs in pregnancy? In the past, when doctors were not so well informed, rest was the number one recommendation. And it is not that it is bad or inadvisable today, but now we have many more resources that improve the well-being of mommies.

And among the best, pressotherapy for pregnant women! Something that contributes to the development of a healthier pregnancy and attention, also to a faster post-partum recovery. So if you are pregnant or know a woman who is, keep reading because we tell you everything you need to know about presotherapy and pregnancy. Yes, it is good to do pressotherapy during pregnancy. In fact, it is not only good but very good, because taking care of the lymphatic system in this state is absolutely essential if we want to minimize the ravages of pregnancy in the body.

Presoterapia durante el embarazo

Pressotherapy while pregnant: HOW AND WHEN TO APPLY IT!

In the first months of pregnancy there is a great hormonal change and in the last months, an increase in irrigation and blood pressure. This is all normal and is due to the growth of the fetus. It is then common to complain of heavy legs, tingling or pain, swelling in the ankles or the appearance of varicose veins. The lymphatic system, responsible for redirecting body fluids to purify the body, is also affected by the pressure that the growing belly exerts on it. This causes an accumulation of fluid between tissues that we know as edema.

Another of the most common problems is usually some dysfunction in the venous return. That's why doctors recommend keeping your legs elevated for a while every day. In this way the blood circuit is reactivated, which goes from the feet to the heart. So towards the fourth month of pregnancy and always with medical approval, leg massage is more than recommended. Pressotherapy and pregnancy are therefore an ideal combination when it comes to improving circulation and decongesting the legs. Let's move on to the main benefits of pressotherapy in pregnant women!

How Pressotherapy benefits pregnant women

Fluid retention, general swelling and poor blood circulation, especially in the legs, are common during pregnancy. And of course, varicose veins, stretch marks, flaccidity and more cellulite in pregnancy also tend to appear. What a roll, right? But do not worry, because if you are wondering if you can do presotherapy while pregnant, the answer is that this treatment can help you combat all these effects and reduce them to a great extent as long as you do pressotherapy sessions regularly. Pay attention to all the benefits of pressotherapy in pregnant women:

  • Stimulates and reactivates the lymphatic system.
  • Reduces edema (fluid buildup)
  • Reduces swelling and tingling.
  • Improves the appearance of the skin by enhancing blood flow.
  • Reduces and undoes fat nodules.
  • Prevents venous thrombosis (possible in recent months or at delivery)
  • Increases self-esteem and improves mental state.
  • In addition to the legs, also in the arms (some women suffer from swelling or tingling in their hands)

Presoterapia durante el embarazo

CONTRAINDICATIONS? What can and cannot be done

Regarding pressotherapy in pregnancy and its contraindications, we must make it clear that it is not indicated during the first trimester. It is from the fourth month that it can be applied, but NEVER on the belly or on the pubis. Only in the legs or arms if there is also edema in them caused by the pregnancy.

We suggest you read our pressotherapy contraindications guide for more extensive and complete information. However, consulting a doctor before using presotherapy is never necessary.


  • Perform some physical activity throughout the pregnancy to maintain muscle tone and reactivated circulation. Long walks, swimming, yoga, Pilates...
  • Light but nutritious diet and whenever possible, 100% homemade.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
  • Dress in loose clothing, without pressure.
  • Apply cold showers on the legs, in a circular and upward direction.
  • During the shower, perform massages with a horsehair glove all over your body, with a moderate intensity. It serves as an exfoliant and lymphatic stimulant.
  • Keep your legs up for 10-15 minutes every day.
  • To avoid varicose veins during pregnancy, it is also good to reduce the time you spend standing. Alternate with periods of rest.
  • Sleep well, a minimum of 8 hours.

Let's also remember that during pregnancy, prolactin is produced, a hormone that prepares the breast for lactation. This, added to the weight gain and the compression of the blood vessels due to the growth of the baby, is one of the main reasons why cellulite appears during pregnancy. The only way to prevent or minimize orange peel skin during pregnancy is to take good care of yourself. And this is the basic formula you need:


We end this article on pregnancy and pressotherapy, also remembering that after childbirth, the body will need time to fully recover. So knowing that you can treat swollen legs during pregnancy with pressotherapy, this therapy applied as a postpartum treatment could continue to be the best solution when it comes to recovering your figure as soon as possible. And although you can always go to a beauty center for this, what do you think about enjoying the advantages and benefits of pressotherapy at home? What if you use pressotherapy during pregnancy and also after it?

SIZENfor you who are a woman and a mother

SIZEN It is pressotherapy for pregnant women but also for any woman who wants to continue taking care of herself, especially after childbirth. Because if pressotherapy while pregnant is good, pressotherapy after pregnancy can be as good or better. Unfortunately, many women abandon themselves after childbirth, with little time for themselves, between work, taking care of the house or the children... and that ends up taking its toll on their bodies.

Has it happened to you, is it happening to you or are you afraid it will happen to you? What we can tell you is that as little as you can, you must make room for yourself in your schedule. If you liked to look pretty and show off before you were a mom, now you deserve no less pampering. Do you still doubt? Go ahead and read the opinions on pressotherapy and pregnancy that abound on the Internet and you will see that they are very positive. In addition, take note of all the advantages that you have when having a pressotherapy equipment SIZEN In your home:

  • So easy to use, you could almost do it with your eyes closed.
  • Light, compact, transportable and nothing bulky.
  • With 4 programs and 6 differentiated air chambers.
  • With many complementary garments.
  • Sessions of up to 90 min (30-45 min are enough, but if you want to extend your session, don't worry, even if you are pregnant, because the pressure is calculated so that it does not pose any risk)

And what can we tell you about the price of presotherapy for pregnancy? Well, simply, that domestic pressotherapy is today an infinitely cheaper option than going to a center several times a month. And taking into account that after the first trimester of pregnancy, you still have many months and many days ahead of you, a pressotherapy unit to use at home can undoubtedly be the best thing you could buy for the benefit of your health and well-being.

And also, you can continue using it during postpartum recovery and also for the rest of your life, whether for aesthetic, therapeutic or sports purposes. Take advantage of the financing facilities offered SIZEN and take home the lymphatic massage machine and pressotherapy boots that you deserve. The baby is already expecting many gifts, but what about you? Happy pregnancy and recovery. with the prisoner of SIZEN that and more is guaranteed.

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