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How to avoid fluid retention?

¿Cómo evitar la retención de líquido?

The human body has mechanisms to eliminate toxins. But this does not always work correctly. Fluid retention is usually a symptom that indicates that there is a problem that you must address before it leads to something more worrisome.

Fluid retention can occur in both men and women, since we all have a Lymphatic system With exactly the same functions, although women tend to accuse it more due to more frequent hormonal ups and downs or when becoming pregnant. So... How to avoid fluid retention?

In any case, fluid retention and a malfunction of the Lymphatic System are sides of the same coin. Both factors together can lead the body to a vicious circle. Without further ado, we will tell you everything you need to know about fluid retention, its main causes, its consequences and accompanying symptoms, and of course, how to combat it in the best possible way.

“Reduce stress and Consumption of foods that are harmful to your health are two measures that you must adopt now if you are suffering from poisoning in your Lymphatic System. Pain, inflammation or lymphedema are your body's call for help. Don't turn a deaf ear!"


  1. Toxins. Your Lymphatic System should be a highway through which the toxins and free radicals that enter your body through the contamination of the air, water and food that you ingest circulate without clogging. A stagnation prevents the immune response from counteracting this poisoning and eye, which can trigger many health problems and even various types of cancer.
  2. Stress. An organism subjected to intense and continuous stress increases cortisol levels. Result? Inflammation and increased insulin production by the pancreas. Insulin is necessary but in excess, it produces inflammation in cells, blood vessels and lymphatics. That causes pain, swelling, and fluid retention.
  3. Nutrition. A diet that is as healthy and clean as possible is key. Clean means free of components that are a free path to inflammation and fluid retention.

As you can see, none of these three factors should be underestimated. Reducing stress and the consumption of harmful foods are two measures that you must adopt now if you are suffering from poisoning in your Lymphatic System. pain, swelling or lymphedema They are your body's distress call. How to avoid fluid retention? Don't turn a deaf ear!


The Lymphatic System is linked to the circulatory and immune systems. All three keep your body in optimal condition and its organs and glands, all interconnected, eliminate toxins from the body. Several of these organs and glands are vital gears for the Lymphatic System.

When it is unbalanced and disturbed, we begin to suffer from various health problems. Symptoms that indicate that something is wrong, either due to inappropriate nutrition, lack of physical exercise, or worse, a combination of both.

And fluid retention is usually accompanied by many other problems, as it is one of the signs of an obstructed Lymphatic System:

  • Arthritis. Even the smallest gesture causes pain in the joints. You feel like you are aging rapidly.
  • Skin changes. Your skin manifests irregularities and dryness. Also your scalp, producing even dandruff (due to dryness, not due to fungal infection)
  • Migraines. Your head hurts even at the beginning of the day.
  • Sinus infections. Be very careful with this particular notice!
  • Overweight. kilos and michelines They don't go away in any way. Fat and water are mainly the ingredients of that undesirable interstitial cocktail.
  • chronic fatigue Tired all the time. The slightest effort, like climbing a ladder, becomes torture. Even without considerable overweight.
  • unexplained injuries. How did I get this blow if I don't remember it? Pain in specific points that you do not know how or why you have started to feel them.
  • Digestive disorders. Inflammation will also cause alterations in both digestion and intestinal transit.
  • cloudy urine, of a dark yellow color and strong odor. Indicates toxicity. It should be clear.
  • irregular sweating in armpits or English. It may even give off a suspiciously unpleasant odor. Unequivocal sign of a contaminated system.


We know how hard it is to lose weight. You have tried all the diets out there and for having, you are drinking a lot of water and even going to the gym but those kilos do not even go away. Frustrating, right? You've even looked a hundred times if the scale is broken, because it's not understood that taking so many measurements, you're still overweight. How to avoid fluid retention? Let's go by parts:

First of all, your body does not lose weight in a uniform way and since you keep eating and drinking to keep it nourished, the weight fluctuates. Please be patient with this process. And keep in mind that much of that excess weight may be more retained fluid than fat.

Even so, both normally accumulate, since lymph or lymphatic fluid also transports fat. When the Lymphatic System is not doing its job well, we end up suffering an accumulation of both fluid and fat -horror, cellulite!- between the tissues. How to avoid fluid retention?



Often, fluid retention can be effectively combated with a few changes to your diet and lifestyle:

  • Don't stop drinking water. Between 2-3 liters of water daily are recommended. If one day you neglect yourself, try to drink at least 1.5 liters and not less. Without enough water, your body will retain it to ensure that cells, tissues, and bones are hydrated. The main cause of fluid retention -mostly water- is usually dehydration. A thirsty organism retains all the water it can. And be careful, this retained water becomes contaminated with toxins. (You can also take part of this water with squeezed lemon)
  • Reduce sodium (salt) intake. If you get used to eating without salt, better. Take a good look at the food you buy. If they contain a high level of salt, they are not good and many canned or packaged foods contain more salt for preservation.
  • Balance sodium with potassium. The ying-yang. Sodium causes more cell water and potassium is there to regulate the excess. Eat plantains or bananas, sweet potatoes, watermelon, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, or beet root.

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  • Diet: Avoid processed foods including sauces and pizzas, wheat, dairy products, fried foods, excess fats and oils, pastries -especially industrial ones-, alcohol, conventionally raised meats -injected with antibiotics, water, preservatives and enhancers-, sugar or artificial sweeteners . Opt for homemade dishes, low-sugar fruits, green leafy vegetables, fish protein rich in Omega3, chia or flaxseeds, avocados, almonds, walnuts and blueberries, tofu and soy milk, cook more with garlic... Consider the vegetarian or vegan diet but find out about how to adopt them in a balanced way and without deficiencies in any essential nutrient.
  • Herbal teas: Echinacea, astragalus, wild indigo root, coriander, parsley or goldenseal are good allies to stimulate lymphatic flow.
  • Tobacco: If you smoke, consider quitting. There is nothing in smoking that is good for your body. If it is difficult for you to stop, go to the doctor or pharmacy.
  • Avoid stress. It is the biggest trigger for cortisol. Although it helps to break down accumulated fat, an excess also breaks down the proteins in your muscles and produces a hormonal imbalance, especially testosterone. You need it for your muscles and to lose weight! This imbalance also causes water retention, less muscle tone, more fat and even a decline in sexual appetite.
  • Avoid clothing that is too tight. Tight-fitting garments hinder blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Sleep enough. Your body is also unbalanced due to lack of rest it needs to recover and regenerate. 7-8 hours is ideal. And if you have time during the day to rest for at least 20-30 minutes, the better. If there is no time for a nap, try to at least relax a bit and disconnect from the routine for a while.
  • Deep breathing series. The Lymphatic System does not have a pumping organ. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply to stimulate it, either during your exercise routine, during the lymphatic drainage massage with Pressotherapy or at any time of the day. It seems silly, but it helps!
  • Physical exercise. Between 3-5 hours a week of intense sport will go well. Although to begin with, some routine of cardio as indicated for bikini operation It is the best to reactivate your system. 1-2 hours per session and you will see how your body responds. You can start with an hour and lengthen the session as you notice that your body is already adapting to the exercise. Start by brisk walking, dancing or even skipping! And if you spend many hours sitting or standing but move little, take a few steps and even do some stretching from time to time.
  • Be careful cutting calories. Seeing that you are not losing weight can lead you to reduce calories and increase physical exercise. MISTAKE. Even more important if what you want is slimming with presotherapy. This again leads to retaining water. Your body will store what it can, even if it is liquid.
  • Hot/cold showers: Heat dilates blood vessels and cold contracts them. Produces a pumping effect that helps redirect toxic and fluids. The process ends with hot water. During pregnancy or suffering from cardiovascular disease, abstain.
  • dry brushing. Use a natural bristle brush to apply a massage with rotating movements for 10 minutes on the areas most affected by fluid retention before showering. Stimulates circulation.
  • Do not give up! Kick back and put on some good music. Use lymphatic massage and do not deprive your body of sleep. The Pre-therapy SIZEN it will help you a lot with it lymphatic drainage as with making of that moment, YOUR TIME.

ATTENTION: Before starting your sports routine and diet, consult a doctor. If you are a nutritionist, better, it can help you lose weight if you need it How to avoid fluid retention? It will take into account your general physical condition, weight, sex, age, if you suffer from any disease and how to take each measure proportionately.

From SIZEN We hope have helped you with this information. Above all, it is important to remember that miracles do not exist. How to avoid fluid retention? If you have reached the situation in which fluid retention is causing you health problems, it is time to act and take the treatment seriously but with good will, you will be able to get rid of fluid retention. Cheer up!

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