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Lymphatic Drainage and Sport

Drenaje linfático y el deporte: todo lo que debes saber

A few years ago, it was known Pre-therapy especially for its aesthetic applications. It was a very recurrent method in aesthetic centers and clinics, where women mainly attended. And not all of them knew it or could afford it. The "democratization" of a therapy that today, with technological advances, has greatly expanded its range of possibilities had not yet arrived.

The truth is that its main function, lymphatic drainage, is linked to many other physiological processes. Hence, it is being used both in the world of aesthetics and in sports. It is not uncommon to see both elite and amateur athletes use a pressotherapy machine as a tool to speed up recovery between training sessions.

And it is that lymphatic drainage and sport are closely related. We are going to see why it is so important that the Lymphatic System works well and athletes in particular should take care of it as much as they take care of their physical condition and nutrition.

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Ambassador Joseba Beloki in Size

Health Benefits of Presotherapy

Pressotherapy is based on an air compression system. The device or machine is like an engine that pumps air through conductive tubes, sequentially filling the chambers that the different garments have distributed so that they cover the area of the body to be treated well.

With the option of several programs and different levels of intensity and force, a controlled massage is exerted and strong enough to stimulate the vessels and ganglia of the Lymphatic system.

This is under the skin, in a not so deep layer of the body, that is, a massage with moderate pressure already manages to stimulate it. The health benefits of Presotherapy are very positive for athletes and athletes:

  • Massage reactivates the Lymphatic System
  • Blood circulation is also reactivated
  • Metabolic waste (metabolites) are channeled first
  • Increased oxygenation of tissues
  • The healing of injuries and stiffness is accelerated
  • For all of the above, muscle recovery is faster
  • The massage has a relaxing and physiotherapeutic effect.

Benefits of presotherapy at the sport level

In addition to these benefits for the usual athlete, those who start their routine to lose weight and stay in shape also take advantage of Pressotherapy to:

  • Reduce swelling caused by fluid retention
  • Eliminate fats and toxins
  • Reduce the visible effects of cellulite (orange peel skin)
  • Break fat nodules in arms, legs, buttocks or abdomen. Pressotherapy disintegrates fat, which little by little is channeled through the Lymphatic System.
  • improve varicose veins

All of these are symptoms and manifestations of underlying problems that, beyond the unsightly appearance, are the visible and palpable sign of an organism that is clogged and saturated.

That is why Pressotherapy is so positive and advisable. Because a single treatment has two functions and effects: Better aesthetic appearance and better physical health.

“The Lymphatic System participates directly in the defense and healing of the organism. Lymphatic drainage reduces muscle inflammation, essential for the athlete, who recovers sooner, thus being able to continue with his intense training sessions.”

Lymphatic drainage and sport perfect combination

The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels that transport the lymph, vital fluid with special properties. It is one of the super powers of the human body, as it is responsible for purifying the body and keeping its defenses in good condition.

This system is something like a "sewer" network through which fats, germs and toxins are conducted, which will be expelled through the connections that the system itself has with its ganglia - filtering nuclei loaded with white blood cells, fighters par excellence against any infection - and the various organs of the body.

In this way, the body is kept clean and safe from possible and even fatal infections. The Lymphatic System is the key and inseparable companion of the Immune System.

And of course, it also goes hand in hand with the Circulatory System. Good lymphatic health indicates a healthy body that functions properly. Let's not forget that the human body is itself a biological machine in which everything is interconnected. If something goes wrong and you get sick or not fixed, it will have a domino effect.

The reason why athletes use Pressotherapy so much is clear: The Lymphatic System participates directly in the defense and healing of the organism. Lymphatic drainage reduces muscle inflammation, essential for the athlete, who recovers sooner, thus being able to continue with his intense training sessions. Hence the importance of lymphatic drainage and sport.

Athletes, ideal ambassadors of Pressotherapy

It is very common to see athletes using Pressotherapy equipment at the end of a competition or between one training session and another, sharing their experience on social networks. This is how widespread the use of these intelligent systems is in the world of sports.

The most used garment par excellence are undoubtedly the presotherapy boots even though all Presotherapy garments They are useful in sports. Soccer players, tennis players, swimmers, gymnasts, long-distance runners... the entire wide range of sports disciplines is today implementing Pressotherapy even in their clubs and federations, as a tool as useful and necessary as any of the sports equipment. Half an hour is usually enough for the athlete to have relaxed their muscles. In this way, you are ready for a new training feeling your body lighter.

Does Pressotherapy have contraindications?

Whether you want to use it for sports recovery or aesthetic purposes, Pressotherapy is contraindicated in certain cases. It is important that before using it you discard:

  • heart disease
  • Circulation problems such as hypertension / hypotension, deep vein thrombosis, arterial insufficiency, thrombophlebitis,
  • Thyroid gland problems
  • If you have or are in the process of recovering from cancer
  • Skin infections, open or healing wounds

When in doubt, we recommend a medical consultation so that it is your doctor who determines if Pressotherapy is suitable for you. In the same way that certain conditions do not allow the practice of some sports, it may also be that they do not tolerate the effect of Pressotherapy well.

Sports Pre-therapy SIZEN: A competent and up-to-date option

Because we know how important the proper functioning of the Lymphatic System is for an athlete, SIZEN It is a competent option and up to the task of those who need a Presotherapy equipment that responds with the good results that they expect in their training and competitions. The Sports Pre-therapy SIZEN It helps you recover in record time and keep all the gears of your body in the optimal conditions that a sports lifestyle demands. Now you know the keys to lymphatic drainage and sport. What else do you want?

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