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Judo self defense for women

Judo defensa personal para mujeres

The Judo It is a Japanese martial art that involves the use of various positions, holds and blocks, it is a way of learning self defense techniques, At the same time you get a great physical training, and you get to lower daily tension levels. When you train with your opponent or "Uke", it is a hand-to-hand fight with controlled and very aerobic movements. Judo is self defense for women.

In Judo there are no blows, unlike other martial arts, it is a sport of "grapplers" (gripping) not of "strikers" punchers. It is about knocking down the opponent with grips and projections, there are also immobilizations, strangulations and dislocations.

Confident women thanks to Judo

Therefore, judo is one of the most complete sports for learning self defense. And due to its main characteristic of not hitting or using weapons, it is more than recommended for the female sphere.

We have to keep in mind that, as a general rule, women are weaker than the people they like. We have to use fast, simple and forceful techniques. Every Judo technique that is carried out in a good way, meets these conditions.

Personal Defense is not only a set of mechanical techniques, but rather aims to form in the person a positive, calm and alert attitude, with physical and mental control towards life.


No one is exempt from being the victim of an attack. Because we believe that a human being must be able to heal (even minimally, first aid), take care of a sporty boy, eat like a sportsman, respect other species, defend yourself and your family environment (as do all animal species).
Self Defense teaches us to don't be violent, namely, defend ourselves from aggression and maintain control in extreme situations. Judo with its methodology based on immobilization techniques, projection, counterattack, anticipation... is very successful for a women's self defense program.

Judo: More effective than spectacular

The techniques to be used must be appropriate to each specific situation, respecting the principle of proportionality, and always more effective than spectacular. It is important to bear in mind that our attitude and the image we transmit (expression techniques, behavior, etc.) can be the most effective means of avoiding a conflict.


Self-defense techniques applied in Judo, which are a necessity in our society, are presented as a series of skills and knowledge, both physical and psychological, that help to survive in today's hectic cities. and that, if they are not put into practice, they also contribute to staying in shape. Without a doubt... Judo is self defense for women.

Alfonso Urquiza He is a Spanish Judo champion and ambassador of the presotherapy professional Sizen.

If you are interested in more information, visit the article on How does presotherapy work?

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