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Preparation for a triathlon: From the pool to the track!

Preparación de un triatlón: ¡De la piscina a la pista!

Today I want to talk about my step with the love of my life (the Synchronized swimming) to my other great passion… The triathlon! In a brief way I will explain how is the preparation for a triathlon.

Preparación de un triatlón: natación

The synchronized or artistic swimmingIt's the sport I've grown up with. Artistic swimming has many benefits but in the long run it also has many shortcomings. The one that I have noticed the most is the lack of gravity and the impact of having spent so many hours in the water.
That is, when I stopped synchronized swimming, what I noticed the most at the beginning was the impact of running. I began to injure myself a lot, especially from twins (calf fiber rupture), periostitis, ankle sprains. In the end, my muscles and even bones are not used to this type of physical exercise like other people.

Preparation for a triathlon: It's gravity!

What is the reason for so much injury? The gravity! since in the water we do not have and therefore there is no type of impact.
That is why there are fewer injuries in the world of swimming than in other sports such as athletics. Also for this same reason there are athletes who follow the reverse path, they go from athletics to swimming.

Run, baby, run…

How did I achieve this transition from the pool to the track? Well… Little by little! With a lot of patience I have managed to manage my head, which in the end is the most difficult. The head is the one that tells you that you have to do more (what helps you a lot to train series), inside you know that you must control and reserve yourself a little.
Progressively I have been adapting to athletics, all thanks to the professionals who accompany me. Each time I have been able to exercise more and more the race, which is undoubtedly the weak point of any swimmer.
Currently and thanks to the machine presotherapy Sizens+6 I can recover every day after my running training, which is the most damaging I do during the week. I don't have time to go to physiotherapist always, although I do combine it. But my Sizen is the one that saves my life in my day to day. Although a good physio is also key. In case you are interested, this article to know how presotherapy works

Preparación de un triatlón: run

Cycling and biomechanics

Regarding the road bike, which is what I do, it is a discipline that requires many hours of training. It requires a lot of biomechanics in order not to hurt yourself by spending so much time in a position other than the one you normally have. Not to mention that damn saddle.
Although it seems that the part of the cyclingIn general, in triathlon people have a very high level. I personally love it. This is the part that makes me clear for several hours and can enjoy nature while I do sports. Perhaps it is the part that I like the most, next to swimming, of preparing for a triathlon.

Preparación de un triatlón: ciclismo

master swimming

And for the last, and my best asset, swimming. Just because I have been in the water for so many hours, I notice that it is my favorite medium and the one that I dominate the most. Contrary to what happens with people who come from athletics, for them swimming is the part that costs them the most. I am a mermaid in the water! Although when I was training synchronized swimming we didn't swim like I do now, rather we did other kinds of exercises in the water. Now I have discovered a new way of suffering thanks to my club's training sessions. Even so, I am in my natural environment and where I enjoy the most in the preparation for a triathlon.

A new triathlon season is coming full of motivation and desire. I feel very lucky to have this piece of team of ambassadors Sizen who supports me at all times. In the end, just as important as training is doing something that you like and that motivates you. That's where I am right now!

Clara Camacho she is 2 times runner-up in the world in artistic swimming and currently competes in triathlon.

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