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Operation bikini

Operación bikini

The long-awaited summer finally arrives, although this year is going to be a little different from the rest of the years. Even so, although it has been difficult to get to the point in the bikini operation, you always have to continue taking care of yourself. Much more in these times that run. Let's go to operation bikini!

Clara Camacho entrenando en la piscina embajadora sizen

For me this is one of the favorite seasons (and for who doesn't?) of the year, thanks to the fact that I have more free time and I can focus a little more on enjoying myself and my hobbies.

Above all, what I like the most is my " SIZEN SWIM” (hehehe), that is, when I go swimming so as not to think, enjoy and rest doing what I like the most. Swimming is one of the most complete sports as many of you already know.
In addition to achieving the cardio effect, a great toning of the whole body is achieved. With the advantages of the 0 gravity of the water and the benefit that this brings to the joints that are the main ones affected by exercises such as running.

Use sun protection!

In the outdoor pool, feeling how the sun is turning you brown (remember the importance of using sun protection on your skin, if you are going to swim use waterproof sunscreen or apply it for a while before swimming so that it is absorbed) at the same time that you do sports, or in the sea, those days when the sea seems like an endless pool. Those days are perfect for the bikini operation.

Remember that in addition to sun protection, you must have a very good hydration, since we get very dehydrated (especially in summer) and we hardly realize it, especially when we are in the water. I use the rule of thumb: every 30 minutes of exercise, at least drink 500 ml of water or an isotonic drink. In this way and following this rule with total security, dehydration will not affect training performance.

2,000 meters is enough...

If you complete 2,000 meters of swimming or 45, 50 minutes swimming with the small breaks that I have marked for you in each training session, you will surely end up having a tipin and above all a cardio worthy of an athlete. 😉

You can combine the styles every 500 meters, that is to say… 500 meters backstroke, 500 meters crawl, 500 meters breaststroke, 500 meters with a cork only in the leg.
Another day you can do style marathons, doing the 2,000 meters only in one style. You are able? Of course!

By having more time he also made different sports and since I am not used to it, I usually need my pressotherapy machine much more SIZEN. so i thank SIZEN Being able to do much more sport than I do in my day to day, taking care of myself and being able to recover so well from one day to the next and be at my best to perform at my best.

Clara camacho en la playa embajadora Sizen

A busy day

My day to day in this time of summer is usually: getting up early to be able to do the cycling session, beach workout The race without much heat, you have to think about the high temperatures that can happen in our country at 12 noon, so you have to get up a little early.

Clara camacho embajadora Sizen

Then I work, like anyone else... and at noon I leave the swimming session and my disconnection time. My bikini operation time, operation swim. 😉
Later I go back to work and end my day with a walk with my music along the beach until I reach the most desired moment… and if…. You already know it!!! That moment is when I lie down on the sofa and put on the machine SIZEN so that my legs liven up that hustle and bustle day after day, without a doubt... the best moment of the day - SIZEN Time makes me feel so happy and relax!!!

Clara Camacho she is 2x world runner-up in synchronized swimming and ambassador of Sizen in the world of artistic swimming.

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