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Can pressotherapy be done after liposuction?

¿Se puede hacer presoterapia después de una liposucción?

You are going to undergo surgery to get rid of those extra pounds. You want to look prettier – or handsome, because they also resort to cosmetic surgery and of course, there is also the presotherapy for men! – and surely you are wondering if the presotherapy is indicated while you recover, if pressotherapy gives results and in how many sessions or about pressotherapy and its results after liposuction. So we have dedicated an article to solving all these questions.

We also remember that if you do not have a great excess of fat, pressotherapy could rule out liposuction. It will always be a much gentler and non-invasive treatment for your tissues. If your goal is to eliminate some accumulation of fat and cellulite, this therapy together with a specific diet and some physical exercise should be enough to achieve your goal and appreciate the results of pressotherapy.

Pros and cons of liposuction

Although it is very good to undergo liposuction to improve and it is a very safe and successful surgical intervention with which, oh medical prodigy, you can get rid of excess fat and cellulite in less than a minute, it is also good that you also know the pros and cons of liposuction

Advantages of liposuction:

  • You get rid of fat in a flash, quickly improving your figure.
  • At the same time that it extracts fat in general, it helps to evacuate lipomas: very localized fat tumors of considerable size.
  • It is used to eliminate the overgrowth of fat – gynecomastia – in the chest of men/children.
  • It can be very effective in fighting lipodystrophy: disordered accumulation of fat only in certain areas of the body. People with a thin or athletic constitution suddenly see their figure deformed by this problem.

Disadvantages of liposuction:

  • Requires postoperative maintenance. Without diet and exercise, fat returns like nougats at Christmas. The effects of lipo are lasting only if you do not gain weight.
  • It has a considerable cost that does not always go well for all pockets.
  • It is an invasive method and quite aggressive with the tissues. Recovery is not exempt from pain, physical discomfort and large bruises.
  • Internal wounds can take up to 4 or 5 months to heal.
  • By breaking some nerve endings in the treated areas, it is possible that the skin loses some sensitivity.
  • There is a risk of thrombophlebitis - blood coagulation in a vein. It tends to occur more frequently with lipo on thighs or knees.
  • Despite antibiotic treatment, skin infection could occur.
  • There may be discharge of fluid from the cannula entry points even half a year or a year later.
  • Although it is operated with great caution, some fat could be transported to the circulatory system reaching the heart, which can cause a pneumonic embolism due to aspiration edema that occurs when fluid accumulates in the lungs.
  • Nor should the risk of anesthesia be underestimated. On rare occasions, it can have fatal consequences, with death being the worst scenario. There is usually no problem, but if the clinic makes you sign an informed consent document, it is not because they are happy to have your autograph.
  • As with other treatments, liposuction may be contraindicated. Depending on your health conditions, a doctor will be the one to advise and determine.

As you can see, although it can be a good solution in certain cases, liposuction is not a panacea and carries risks and possible adverse effects. Make sure the surgeon explains all of this to you in detail. This is not always the case and sooner or later patients come to the clinic complaining that their expectations have not been 100% fulfilled. And don't expect your body to stop accumulating fat after lipo, either, because that's not how it works. You must continue with a series of healthy habits and not fall into many temptations if you want to keep fat cells at bay.

However, if you do not have too many fat deposits, it is important that you evaluate other alternatives that are not so aggressive or invasive before launching into the operating room. So it is not good to have liposuction to improve? Yes, it can be, but you must know if it is the most appropriate in your case, know its effects on your body and if you finally decide on liposuction, be able to recover sooner and better. And in that lymphatic drainage is your best ally. Let's see how pressotherapy works after liposuction.

Pressotherapy after liposuction

Yes, pressotherapy can be done after liposuction. As with other interventions, liposuction can cause certain effects on your body that you could combat with a good series of pressotherapy massages:

  • Hardness or small bumps in the treated areas.
  • Pretty scandalous bruising from shaking the cannula when sucking out the interstitial fat.
  • Probable lymphedema due to swelling following extraction.
  • Open channels also caused by the cannula. It is very possible that they end up filling with fluid, causing tissue inflammation.

Does lymphatic drainage help after liposuction?

Of course lymphatic drainage helps after liposuction! Let's see how:

  • Moving the retained fluid and gently pumping it into the lymphatics.
  • Reducing both swelling and any postoperative pain or discomfort.
  • Preventing a possible fibrosis: permanent hardening of the tissue at the healing points. This takes on the appearance of ugly folds under the skin.
  • Preventing seroma: sac of fluid that can be encapsulated. It can happen up to months after liposuction. This is known as a late seroma.

Effects of Pressotherapy after liposuction

The effects of pressotherapy after liposuction are very positive and occur immediately or in the short term:

  • Reduction of inflammation caused by the invasion of the cannula.
  • Reactivation of the Lymphatic System, crucial in the purification and recovery process.
  • Reconduction of accumulated fluid and reabsorption of possible edema.
  • Drainage of the drug remains supplied during the intervention and in the postoperative treatment.
  • The skin recovers its sensitivity and elasticity thanks to greater oxygenation.
  • The healing of bruises is accelerated, cleaning the tissues of cellular and blood debris.
  • Pain is reduced and bleeding, burning and numbness are reduced

Does presotherapy give results?

The differences before and after pressotherapy after liposuction are seen and noticed in the short, medium or long term; it depends on what we are talking about. What is clear is that with regular sessions and in a few months, pressotherapy gives results. This treatment helps you above all to maintain the positive changes of lipo in your figure for a longer time, but do not forget that you must follow a series of healthy habits, among which you can of course include pressotherapy. If your surgeon is sincere as he should be, he should explain to you that no matter how effective it is, this intervention requires subsequent maintenance. Do not get carried away by the immediate effects of the operation, thinking that the body will not accumulate fat again.

If you abandon yourself to an unbalanced diet or a sedentary lifestyle, the consequences can be fatal. Fat cells are like a curse and can easily accumulate again in areas that have already been treated. We do not want you to lose hope but it is important that you know that the results of liposuction are not permanent if you do not watch your diet and do some exercise. And exactly the same thing happens with the results of pressotherapy. So with perseverance and knowing how to combine everything, you will keep your figure in optimal shape.

And both with and without liposuction, pressotherapy gives results if you use it as a complement to your diet and sports routine. Oriented to the aesthetic aspect, the massage of the pressotherapy machine shapes your figure to a certain extent, reducing a few centimeters of contour and directing the fat found in the lymphatic fluid towards the waste channels. For this process to flow correctly, it is good to drink before the session. Surely, when you finish it you have a lot of desire to pee.

Attention: Although on rare occasions, it could happen that you continue to notice hardness in certain areas even if you do pressotherapy. If this happens to you, see your surgeon right away to rule out fibrosis or seroma. It doesn't have to be dangerous, but you may need additional treatment to reduce these effects. Therefore, do not skip the scheduled medical check-ups after the intervention. If something goes wrong, they might have to schedule a reoperation. Remember that you have liposuction to improve and not to have more problems than you had before! Sometimes, postoperative follow-up is neglected and this affects the final results.

How many Pressotherapy sessions do you need to see results?

In general, you will need at least 10 sessions to notice a change. You could do a couple of sessions a week with a break of a couple of days between one and the other and we would be talking about 5 weeks before seeing the results of pressotherapy. But keep in mind that depending on the purpose of the treatment, you will possibly need more sessions and in any case, a certain continuity is always recommended.

Being the postoperative recovery from liposuction a process that takes time, you will have to be a little constant to progressively notice the effects of lymphatic drainage. That is why having a pressotherapy device at home is so popular. The savings are immense and the truth is that only with a home computer can you afford to take care of yourself permanently. How many pressotherapy sessions to see results? A little bit, yes, but having the prisoner at home, you stop worrying about your schedule or the ongoing expense of going to a center. We tell you more about this in our article on results of before and after presotherapy.

Great… When to start with the pressotherapy treatment?

You have already gone through liposuction to improve and everything has gone perfectly. And now it's time to think about when to start with the treatment of presotherapy (if presotherapy is indicated). Do not be impatient. You still have a few annoying and painful hours to spend. The first thing that the doctor will have prescribed for you, apart from painkillers and anti-inflammatories, is some compression garment that you must wear between 15 days and a month. This helps keep everything in place while the body itself readjusts to heal and heal internal wounds.

Plus, you'll be too swollen to do anything but rest. After 24 hours or if you prefer, in two or three days, you can already think about your first pressotherapy session. As long as only a few days pass, there will be no problem. What you should not do is wait for a month or more to pass from the lipo to start with the prisoner. Recovery in this type of intervention is progressive and in fact lasts several months. For this reason, frequent pressotherapy sessions will greatly facilitate this process. While your body works hard to heal itself and adapt to physiological changes, pressotherapy will serve as an extra push. By enhancing the circulation of lymph, the tissues will receive more oxygenation and will recover sooner.

How many pressotherapy sessions are recommended after liposuction?

The answer is that it depends on the type of operation. Liposuction on legs, knees, hips, abdomen? In several areas at the same time, what would be a liposculpture? We could be talking about 2 or 3 times a week until you see that all the inflammation has disappeared and all your skin is already showing a more normal appearance. This should be visible already after about 6 sessions. And if we talk about liposuction in the abdomen, we could be talking about 12 sessions. The abdomen needs more time to recover its normality, and it can take up to a year and a half if you have had a tummy tuck in addition to liposuction. So if this is your case, be patient because after this type of operation, the body takes time to recover.

And there is another factor to take into account when using pressotherapy after liposuction: professional pressotherapy is not the same as pressotherapy at home, although they produce the same effects. If you go to an aesthetic or physiotherapy center, they will recommend more or less the number of sessions that we have mentioned above. But if you use a domestic pressotherapy machine, since it is less powerful, you will have to use it more frequently. The main difference between the pressotherapy of a center and the domestic one lies in the Pressure. Select a lower pressure to start and you will increase it as you feel your body more recovered.

Remember that to act on the lymphatic system as well as to repair the wounds produced by liposuction, you do not need to go too deep. Pressotherapy is applied externally, but its effect reaches the layers where the lymphatic vessels are located and the fat and fluid retained between the tissues under the dermis.

And can pressotherapy be done before liposuction?

Depending on the volume of excess fat, the surgeon may advise you to lose weight before the operation. As for pressotherapy, you could do 1-2 sessions before the intervention. With this you reaffirm your tissues, which if they are in shape before the lipo, the better, although it is not essential either. You can really do pressotherapy before liposuction and it will never be a problem for your health, but you will not notice a big change either. It will always be more productive to do pressotherapy after liposuction, since it is when the treatment can act for both healing and purifying purposes, without forgetting that over time, it will also act as a firming agent.

Is lymphatic massage painful after liposuction? Does the lymphatic drainage work very deeply?

Pressotherapy massage should never hurt, because stimulating the lymphatic system does not require a lot of pressure. The force must be just enough to remove the retained fluid and reduce the edema produced by inflammation. So if you are concerned about whether lymphatic massage after liposuction is painful, we can tell you that you are not going to feel anything that is not pleasant at all. Logically, a liposuction supposes a great deal of stress for your tissues, so it is normal to feel some pain due to hypersensitivity in the operated area. However, the sensation of pain with pressotherapy will be very mild and never intense or unbearable.

And if you wonder if lymphatic drainage works very deeply, the answer is that, as we explained previously, the lymphatic system is found at a shallow depth in the body, with 70% of its capillaries located under the dermis. And the same happens with the main ganglia. So not by applying more pressure you will achieve a better effect or recover sooner. In fact, pressing too hard could increase circulation, making it difficult for lymphatic fluid to escape – sap – towards their evacuation channels. Gently, in a constant firm manner, the sequential waves produced by the pressotherapy machine will reduce bruising and swelling. You may notice a little discomfort during the first session, but after the second session, you should already feel the area more relieved.

You see increasing the pressure of the massage as you recover. It is also possible that you feel itching in the treated area. It is also normal because it is due to the reactivation of blood circulation. So fear nothing. Pressotherapy is very safe, painless and pleasant. What we are going to remind you of below are the advantages of pressotherapy at home, whether you have undergone liposuction or not.

ATTENTION: We demystify the effect of deep massages and the application of heat to achieve a better recovery with pressotherapy after liposuction. Not only is it a myth, but it can be harmful. Lymphatic massage must be able to move fluids without disturbing blood circulation too much. Both deep massage and heat inhibit the movement of lymphatic fluid, jeopardizing the permeability of lymphatic and blood vessels.

Main advantages of pressotherapy at home:

  • Great economic savings for life. The most profitable technology at the service of your well-being. You pay a reasonable price once and you forget about having to allocate a monthly budget to a treatment that is carried out regularly in a center, it can be quite expensive or even unaffordable for your pocket.
  • Use your pressotherapy equipment when, where, how and how much you want, without pre-established schedules, without rushing and in the comfort of your home.
  • You can do pressotherapy with a weekly frequency without harm to your body. Ideally, every other day, but if you want to do pressotherapy daily, no problem!
  • Share your equipment with other members of your family so that they also benefit from the treatment. Only domestic pressotherapy is so profitable for everyone!

Ok, I'm signing up for pressotherapy: how many times a week?

Since the intensity of a pressotherapy machine at home is less than that of a center, do not have doubts about how many times a week to do pressotherapy because you can do it every day without any problem for your health. And you will see that if you decide for our SIZEN 6+ you will be able to use even its maximum pressure of 240 mmHg without this being harmful to your body. Its technology has been created so that you can do as many pressotherapy sessions a week as you want without your body suffering in any way.

After your operation, chocolates, flowers or a SIZEN 6+?

They usually give us something when we come out of any surgical operation successfully. Nobody is bitter about a sweet or a good bouquet of colorful flowers ruins their eyes, right? Although in the case of liposuction, the chocolates are better left for later. And the flowers are beautiful but wither quickly. So why not have a brand new SIZEN 6+ waiting at home for when we return from the clinic.

For all the reasons that we have already explained and also because after lipo, pressotherapy can be the best gift and the most ideal treatment. given their technical characteristics, you can adjust the pressure and intensity of the massage as you want, achieving very positive effects but without ever damaging your tissues. You will need a few more sessions than in an aesthetic or physiotherapy center, but frequent use will progressively achieve the results of pressotherapy that you expect. And of course you will recover sooner and better, as well as providing your body with the benefits of lymphatic massage that never hurt. And it is that including pressotherapy in your health routine is always a good decision.

Now that you know if pressotherapy can be done after liposuction, we can only wish you a speedy recovery if you are finally going to submit to the scalpel and that pressotherapy is as useful and beneficial for you as it is for millions of people around the world. world.

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