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How to perform lymphatic drainage at home

Cómo hacer drenaje linfático en casa

Eliminating toxins and fats, as well as reducing cellulite and varicose veins through a simple home massage is possible. After making this assertion, it is important to clarify that there are no magic remedies that are extremely simple and offer incredible benefits. While lymphatic drainage is a scientifically tested technique that promotes weight loss and detoxification of the body, it can work complementarily with increased physical exercise and the adoption of a healthy diet.

What is a lymphatic massage?

Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that aims to stimulate the network of lymphatic vessels and nodes to achieve proper purification of toxins and bodily fluids, including fats, by removing interstitial fluid, excess fluid. Part of the body's water is used to form the so-called lymphatic fluid or lymph, along with the toxins released by cells. Therefore, it is important to drain these cellular waste products. In this regard, lymphatic massage provides multiple benefits and assists with cleansing and reducing inflammation.

On the other hand, it offers benefits beyond weight loss. Lymphatic drainage also stimulates the immune system, promotes tissue regeneration, accelerates healing and recovery, relaxes the nervous system, helps the skin appear clearer and brighter, and aids in reducing edema.

How to perform lymphatic drainage at home, step by step

To perform a lymphatic massage, it is not strictly necessary to visit a physiotherapist or a center with the latest equipment. It can be done at home by following the instructions presented below:

  • Massage the upper sides of the neck, just below the ears, with your fingertips, making small clockwise circles. There are the lymph node chains.
  • Massage the collarbone in the hollows between the neck and shoulders. Gently press with your thumbs and stretch them upwards.
  • Massage the solar plexus, located on the sternum. Place both hands, take a deep breath, and press down while exhaling. This will relax the diaphragm. Massage the groin area. Press with one hand on each side and make circular motions at various points.
  • Massage the back of the knees. Using the same technique as in the previous step, press these areas where various popliteal lymph nodes reside.

Professional lymphatic drainage at home with pressotherapy

Another more professional way to perform lymphatic massage at home is through pressotherapy, a therapeutic technique that involves the application of controlled air pressure. The combination of compression and relaxation with the help of a specialized machine enhances the benefits of lymphatic drainage.

Eliminate toxins with pressotherapy

As we have already explained, lymphatic drainage promotes the elimination of toxins generated by our cells, as it helps with fluid retention through urination. Thus, pressotherapy is an ideal technique to enhance this elimination of toxins, as it allows stimulating blood and lymphatic flow. In summary, it helps with the detoxification of the body.

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