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What is the best professional pressure therapy machine on the market?

Cuál es la mejor máquina de presoterapia profesional del mercado

Pressotherapy. Everyone talks about it in the world of sports and also in aesthetics. And it's not without reason, as it is a great ally for improving performance and maintaining health. More specifically, it is a therapeutic technique with applications in physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine that consists of applying controlled air pressure to reactivate both the lymphatic and circulatory systems. The benefits of pressotherapy are numerous, although there are also contraindications, and not all machines are suitable.

Why buy a professional pressotherapy machine?

Pressotherapy is an innovative technique involving the application of controlled air pressure, combining compression and relaxation, and has proven to be considerably more effective than others in reducing leg swelling caused by summer heat, aiding in better and faster muscle recovery, and relieving various issues such as tired legs and cellulite.

During the treatment, the patient wears the pressotherapy suit (such as boots), which is connected to an air pump. The air pump sequentially inflates and deflates the air chambers of the suit, applying pressure to the treated areas. There are specialized physiotherapists in pressotherapy, but if one cannot visit a professional, a home pressotherapy device is equally effective, although it may have less power.

How to choose the best professional pressotherapy machine

As with any investment, before purchasing a professional pressotherapy machine, it is important to ensure that the device has essential features. We're not talking about a whim, but rather a working element in pressotherapy and aesthetic medicine designed to improve users' quality of life. Therefore, below are the parameters to consider when choosing.

  • The pressotherapy machine must be of high quality. Price is not a reliable indicator of quality, but it is also not advisable to sacrifice quality for price savings.
  • Type of sleeves: full or by zones.
  • Type of hose connection: plug-in or integrated.
  • Type of closure of the sleeves: with Velcro or with zippers.
  • Type of inflation: welded autonomous chambers or overlapping chambers.
  • Number of programs.
  • Technical service and warranty.

What is the best home pressotherapy device?

As mentioned earlier, a professional machine managed by a physiotherapist or an aesthetic doctor will always provide greater benefits than a home-use machine. However, the latter remains a great option with clear pros such as the possibility of more regular use and economic savings. As we've also explained, there are different parameters to consider when choosing our machine. In this regard, the qualities indicating that the pressotherapy machine is of high quality are:

  • Having different intensities and being capable of reaching high power.
  • Being practically silent to avoid discomfort during use, which should be relaxing.
  • Velcro closures to better adjust the treatment area.
  • Adapters to adapt to your needs.
  • Multifunctional, with additional applications such as infrared and electrostimulation.
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