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Artistic Swimming: Underwater Art!

Natación artística: ¡Arte bajo el agua!

Hi I am Clara Camacho and today I come to tell you a little about my sport (the artistic swimming). The sport that has made me grow as a person and that has made me enjoy so much... Ahhh and of course it has made me win so many trumps and titles throughout my career!

Artistic Swimming is a super complete discipline that combines various disciplines such as: swimming, gymnastics and dance.

Clara Camacho natación artística embajadora Sizen

Synchronized swimming is the name by which almost everyone knows it, but today it has changed its name and is now known as: artistic swimming.
It is a super complete discipline that combines various disciplines such as: swimming, gymnastics and dance. Artistic Swimming is done in the water (in a pool to be even more specific) with a series of movements synchronized to the rhythm of the music.

As I was telling you, it is a sport that almost everyone knows, because it is very visual and they like to watch it, but above all, enjoy it. Furthermore, Spain is one of the “powers” worldwide of this sport. But what few know is the amount of work that goes into a simple “dance”.

There are two different categories in synchronized swimming, and these are:

  • Technical routines: They are executed to the rhythm of the music and you have to perform some mandatory elements marked by the international regulations.
  • Free routines: These routines are performed freely to the rhythm of the music and have great freedom of movement.
  • The exercises can be performed in duos, solo, teams and in free combination.

Currently, there is also a new discipline that is Mixed Duo, a clear example of gender equality.

Currently, there is also a new discipline that is mixed duo, where a boy and a girl swim. Therefore, little by little, the figure of men in this sport is also normalizing, which for years was something frowned upon.
But I have to say that in international championships when you see a routine like this swimming and their legs are up, you wouldn't know how to differentiate between the legs of a boy and a girl. It's amazing! Undoubtedly a clear example of gender equality.

Clara Camacho natación artística embajadora Sizen

Another curiosity that I always get asked: What do you put in your nose so that you don't get water?
Well, we put on a special clip for swimming (also used by swimmers in some tests) and this prevents water from entering the nose when making the figures underwater, that is, when doing the "handstand".

A little secret trick that we swimmers have... In competitions we usually carry 2-3 extra clips inside our swimsuit in case they fall off or get thrown. In this way you can continue the execution of the exercise normally if anything happens.

The last curiosity of today: How do we last so long under water?
Easy question, diving and diving more and more and more. We do 50-meter dives, or 25-meter dives combining exercises to exhaust the muscles more. This type of training is the closest thing to running a routine.

It is something similar to series that explained in another article Juan Pedro Mora. 😉

Haven't you all tried to do a handstand in the pool or lift one leg? Has anyone achieved it with a stretched and "pretty" leg?
Very difficult, right? Well, that's when you see the daily hours that you have to train for this sport and with it comes the importance to improve recovery.

An execution has a lot of work behind it.

Imagine that every day you have to train an average of 8 hours a day, for 6 days a week. All this for at the end, perform a 3-minute long choreography.
Along with that, we must take into account the importance of having a good rest, it is essential. Another important part is food (I'll talk about this another day), the mind and of course recovery.

Clara Camacho natación artística embajadora Sizen

Therein lies the importance of the machine presotherapy Sizen 6+ and of which I am lucky to be an ambassador and above all a user.

It is interesting to know about the presotherapy: how it works.

The Sizen It is an essential part of my recovery, since pressotherapy helps me to have fresh legs and ready for the next session.

I hope you liked this introduction to my sport… Now… Everyone to the water!

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