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What pressure is recommended to do Pressotherapy?

¿Qué presión se recomienda para hacer Presoterapia?

Being in good shape, losing weight and showing off a flatter abdomen is a desire that we all have throughout our lives, not just to show off, but because all of this is linked to feeling good, liking or liking and obviously, in addition to having a good external appearance, is also essential for our internal physical state and even for our state of mind. Surely if you are on this blog it is because you are looking for exactly all that.

If you wonder if pressotherapy is useful for losing weight, we will tell you that it is not exactly, but that it can certainly help.

And it is that both outside and inside, presotherapy gives its results. And although you can apply it to different areas of the body, in this article we focus on presotherapy for the abdomen, how presotherapy helps shrink gut and the direct benefits of presotherapy on the abdominal area.

And it is that every day there are more people who use presotherapy for the stomach, and even both amateur and professional athletes use it in their muscle recovery routine, being very useful in the abdomen due to its lymphatic qualities. Let's remember what this revolutionary treatment is and how it works.

What is pressotherapy and what is it for?

When we think of pressotherapy, we immediately visualize a person wearing padded boots connected by various tubes to a machine, and although pressotherapy boots are the most used garment, there are other very useful garments that act specifically on other areas of the body, and among they of course, there is the Abdominal girdle.

How does a pressotherapy equipment work? Pressotherapy is both a therapeutic and aesthetic treatment that facilitates the massage lymphatic drainage in various areas of the body. This is accomplished by a series of rhythmic sequences that alternate compression and decompression.

The pressure waves help to redirect and drain toxins, fats and disposable fluids that accumulate between the tissues, causing discomfort and an undesirable appearance.

Who wants to see themselves with a swollen belly and have to resort to baggy clothes to hide those hateful love handles? We don't and surely you don't either. Fortunately, we can resort to pressotherapy as a useful tool to reduce the volume of the stomach and improve our aesthetic appearance as much as possible.

But let's be clear and don't kid ourselves. Although it is a great ally, pressotherapy alone will not completely eliminate the belly, much less in four sessions.. So if you are looking for tricks to eliminate your belly by magic, you can now find that they do not exist no matter how much they are advertised out there with hype and cymbal. And if they tell you that pressotherapy is used to lose weight, be careful because we have already qualified this point. To be clearer, you can read more on how to slim down with presotherapy.

Now, from a realistic, sensible and responsible perspective with your health, you will achieve your goals. And about this here in the blog of SIZEN Yes we can advise you.

Knowing what pressotherapy is and what it is for, let's see how you can reach your goal and use pressotherapy to reduce belly volume!

The perfect triad: Diet + Sport + Presotherapy

How to lose abdominal volume? How to get a flat stomach? Does pressotherapy help to lose belly? It is normal that you want to see these questions answered as soon as possible.

But let's go in parts: everything is possible taking into account a balanced equation in which physical exercise and diet go hand in hand. We do not want to discourage you by any means, but you should know that pressotherapy, as with other slimming treatments, by itself does not help to eliminate your entire belly. What's more, depending on the volume of accumulated fat, you will have to do more or less of your part.

A clear example: you play sports regularly, but at the end of the training you swell up to sweets and saturated fats. So you will never lower the volume of the stomach. Unfortunately, the body absorbs any substance easily and nutritionally detrimental foods are no exception. We are by nature quite "vicious". And if your diet is very balanced or even vegetarian, but your lifestyle is sedentary and you do not exercise your body at all, it will not improve your figure either. So if it is not with certain sacrifice, you will not glimpse physical improvement.

Do not rule out hormonal factors or excess cholesterol either. Therefore, a blood test is a very successful first step before using pressotherapy.

If there is no significant hormonal imbalance or any condition for which the treatment was contraindicated, you can start using pressotherapy with complete peace of mind and confidence. A light but nutritious and balanced diet, regular exercise - at least 2 or 3 days a week - and maintenance with pressotherapy, is all you need to reduce volume in the abdomen and maintain a flat stomach.

The perfect triad: Diet + Sport + Presotherapy!

How pressotherapy works in the abdomen

Lymphatic drainage is the main function of a pressotherapy machine. Draining the accumulation of toxins, fat and disposable fluids produced by various metabolic processes, is what pressotherapy does in the abdomen.

Unfortunately, an unpleasant cocktail accumulates between the tissues, which is also the reason why you can see your entire abdominal area permanently swollen. Not only is it somewhat unattractive to look at when you look in the mirror, but it also makes getting dressed a real martyrdom.

And let's not downplay the matter of love handles because if we don't tackle the problem, they will never diminish, quite the opposite. Let's not just look at its external superficial appearance. They are the visible sign that under the skin there is an imbalance that ends up affecting both circulatory and lymphatic health.

As we have already mentioned in other articles, both systems, circulatory and lymphatic, they are interconnected. The accumulation of fat can lead to serious health problems such as hypertension. So breaking down belly fat is crucial so that you don't end up condemning your abdomen to that bad look and perpetual discomfort.

If this is your problem, the time has come for you use pressotherapy for the abdomen. . . . But before we see what presotherapy on the abdomen is for and how to lower the volume of the stomach and eliminate belly, one piece of information absolutely essential to understand the effectiveness of presotherapy on the abdomen:


Sizen sports and aesthetic presotherapy

Lymphedema and weight gain

Lymphatic health is closely linked to the state of the rest of your body and if your lymphatic system is not working well, it can most likely be the cause of weight gain that for other reasons seems inexplicable.

And it is that lymphedema - accumulation of fluid and fat between tissues, and especially in adipose tissue - is usually responsible for that extra weight that does not even go away. So does pressotherapy help to reduce volume in the belly? whatDoes presotherapy serve to slim down in your case?

If you have lymphedema, something very likely when you are already overweight, yes. So if this is your problem, the time has come to eliminate fat from your belly and reduce the volume of the abdomen in general.

The results of presotherapy in the abdomen will be visible in the medium and long term as long as you use it frequently and in combination with diet and exercise. So arm yourself with a little patience, but don't give up, because pressotherapy is also useful to lose belly. You may be interested in reading more about Presotherapy and Lymphedema.

Benefits of presotherapy on the abdomen

  • more elastic skin
  • More muscle firmness
  • Increased oxygenation in tissues
  • Contour reduction (you eliminate extra centimeters)
  • A reactivated and healthier Lymphatic System
  • Intestinal tract stimulation

On top of all that, lymphatic massage benefits the immune system which also depends on good lymphatic health. Now that you know what presotherapy is for in the abdomen, keep reading and take note of some health tips that will go very well for you when you get serious about losing your belly.

Beach operation in progress: 3, 2, 1... Pre-therapy!

Summer, summer... that time of year is approaching when you show more skin and resort to a type of clothing that looks better when you are in good physical shape. There's not excuse what worths. Either you work out a little in the gym or you go out to exercise outdoors.

Yes, we are talking about sweating the fat drop and also about being more restrained with the diet. Be careful because we already know that story of "the voices forced me to do it". You are in the supermarket and you hear those evil voices between the shelves and emerging from the refrigerators, especially where the soft drinks, snacks and ice creams are. Eat meeeee… And who doesn't fancy an aperitif in summer, right? Some bravas and a very cold beer? A Russian salad or some good skewers? Heck, in summer and the rest of the year too.

But to have good health, just like to show off, you have to suffer and to lose belly volume you must be strong. At least a little bit, so Vade retro Satanas! Do not get carried away by carbonated and hyper-sweetened drinks or abuse beer or frozen cakes.

We do not want to make your summer bitter, but to control yourself to a certain extent if you really want to look great on the beach. Imagine a scale in your mind. On one side, put all the things and habits that make you fat and on the other, put yourself. You have to weigh more but not because of the volume of your belly, but because you and your health are the compelling reason for it to be worth it, and a lot, to get to work.

Here are some very valuable tips that will help you reduce the volume of your stomach and feel much better:


  • Drink at least 1.5 – 2 liters of water a day. It could be up to 3 or more when the heat hits.
  • Prepare diuretic infusions that you can drink cold (or hot in autumn-winter)
  • Eat fruit. Taking it in homemade smoothies – with no added sugar – is also a nutritious and delicious idea. There goes another nice extra of water!
  • Take ice creams in moderation and opt for the lightest ones. There are very tasty vegetarian / vegan options in the supermarket, based on fruits or vegetables and without sugar. You can also prepare crushed fruit ice cream at home.
  • Don't miss the salad in your day to day, especially for a light dinner. It always provides a good mix of water, fiber and vitamins. Your belly will be delighted.
  • We already know that in summer and especially during the holidays we get more out of control with the schedules, but if you try to have dinner between 7 and 8, the better. Going to bed shortly after dinner is not the best way to burn fat.
  • About salt, if you do without it, better too. Obviously, you are not going to take it into account when you go for tapas or eat a good paella by the sea, but if you can get used to eating without salt, you will see how this has a positive impact on your body. And don't suffer for your palate because it re-educates itself and quickly learns to appreciate the true flavor of each food. The salt disguises the flavors.
  • Get some exercise, at least one hour at least two or three days a week, and take advantage of the fact that in summer you have the pool or the beach within your reach. Have a good session of breaststroke or crawl although trying harder, the butterfly style is the best to lose weight because it requires more energy. Run run, the shark will catch you!
  • Include in your exercise table a couple of sets of sit-ups. The chocolate bar It doesn't appear by magic. And don't think about the sweets, we mean your abs. It seems incredible but there they are below, waiting for better times.
  • Drink a large glass of water before exercise. The burned fat will be diluted in that liquid. Continue to hydrate your body as requested during the exercise, and when you finish, drink at least another pint again.
  • After exercise, do not eat anything for an hour and a half. Even though you've stopped, your metabolism is super active, still burning fat.
  • If you are going to exercise before dinner, good, because you have to replenish energy and nutrients, but do not go too far. Eat something light because the body will burn the last fat ingested before the one that is stored. Do not give them new fat and it will burn the accumulated one.
  • Ssshhh, an infallible trick that every athlete knows: Every 10 days, break the diet and give yourself a tribute. That day you can gobble up an XXL pizza in one sitting. Do it better before the afternoon. For dinner, again something light like a salad. Why is this done? Because the body, when it detects that you are removing fat, slows down in burning it. Oh naughty. So eating that day what you want and how much you want, you reactivate it again. And as we have said before, it will burn the last fat ingested before.
  • And now comes the turn of pressotherapy. An hour and a half or two hours after the exercise, it is also good to do a pressotherapy session. Pressotherapy boots are always key because they reactivate the lymphatic system from the feet and towards the upper part of the thighs, but if what you want is to use pressotherapy for the abdomen, then you cannot miss the abdominal sash of presotherapy. Actually, a complete lymphatic drainage session would include at least the boots and the girdle. Keep this in mind when purchasing a pressotherapy unit for your home.
  • You can use a fat burning gel by applying it under the girdle. Place a layer of transparent film – the kind we use in the kitchen – over the gel so as not to stain the pressotherapy garment.

SIZEN: Presotherapy for the abdomen

Now that you have the golden list with the best tips for losing belly volume, and knowing that although in its fair measure, pressotherapy is useful for losing weight, the time has come to try the SIZEN 6+, a machine that you can complement with various pressotherapy garments, among which of course there is a girdle for the abdomen.

You will see in the market that all basic equipment usually includes pressotherapy boots, but in SIZEN we have specialized in a comprehensive treatment that offers you all the possibilities, with a wide catalog of pressotherapy garments and different packs so you can use the garments separately or combine them in the same session.

You decide what you need and what is best for you. Although if you do not know it well, you can ask us about any questions you have and we will be happy to help you. Is it worth buying a more complete pressotherapy equipment? The truth is that with more complete equipment you get a broader massage and taking into account that the lymphatic system is located throughout the body, covering more areas will achieve a better effect.

What you should know now is that you are in good hands. In SIZEN We know what we are talking about, because this is the only way we can offer you the best pressotherapy for the abdomen or wherever you want. Eliminate belly? It's quite a challenge, we know. But following our advice and helping you with pressotherapyLet all the mermaids of the sea go away.

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