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Pressotherapy results: before and after

Resultados de la presoterapia: antes y después

About the results of the pressotherapy before and after using it, is what we talk about in this article. If you have considered using pressotherapy equipment for aesthetic purposes, keep reading because lymphatic massage gives very good results, not only externally but because it also provides your body with extra healthy care. And who better to tell us more about pressotherapy than one of our sports ambassadors.

You will see how following his example, you too can join the long list of people whose health and figure already benefit from pressotherapy. But first, let's review the basic concepts of this revolutionary massage technique: what it is, how it works and what pressure therapy is indicated for.

Pressotherapy is a type of non-invasive massage - external application - that enhances lymphatic drainage (curiosity about presotherapy). It can be done manually or with a machine, although currently the second option is the most popular around the world, given the ease, comfort and effectiveness of modern equipment.

Pressotherapy works through a device, console or machine, whatever you prefer to call this device, which is connected with tubes to padded garments. This machine drives air into independent chambers that, in contact with the skin, exert a certain force through pressure and decompression, sequentially and alternately.

At a certain moment in the session and according to the program you have selected, all the chambers are filled and emptied simultaneously. This provides a pleasant and painless massage capable of stimulating the circulation of the lymphatic system. Closely linked to the circulatory system, it also experiences a reactivation of blood flow.

Presotherapy: What is it for?

If you are still not very clear about what presotherapy is for, you should know that it is used both with aesthetic purposes as sports or therapeutic. And that it is used today by both women and mens. . . . In summary, presotherapy serves to:

  • Reactivate lymphatic drainage
  • Oxygenate the tissues
  • Treat certain circulatory problems
  • reduce edema and lymphedema
  • Prevent spider veins
  • Prevent and treat varicose veins
  • Facilitate venous return
  • Channel fat and toxins
  • Reduce cellulite or “orange peel”
  • Maintain good muscle tone
  • Accelerate muscle recovery (after physical exercise or sport)
  • Get a relaxing massage

Presotherapy: benefits

The benefits of presotherapy for our organism are numerous and already scientifically proven. Using pressotherapy regularly you achieve:

  • Maintain an always active and healthy lymphatic system
  • Channel toxins, unblocking lymphatic obstruction
  • Reduce contour in legs, arms, hips or abdomen
  • Soothe muscle pain and stiffness
  • Reduce swelling and stiffness in extremities
  • Reduce fluid retention
  • Improve certain circulatory problems
  • Reaffirm muscle and tissue tone (reinforcing tissues improves flaccidity)
  • Strengthen the immune system thanks to better lymph circulation


Now that you know the main uses and benefits of pressotherapy, let's now tell you about the personal experience that it offers us. Misha Sekulova, an intrepid athlete who knows first-hand the benefits of both sports and aesthetic pressotherapy. Yes, women athletes also take care of themselves beyond physical recovery and enjoy looking more attractive.

MISHA SEKULOVA: MTB Champion and Ambassador of SIZEN

Misha Sekulova She is a young and pretty mom who regularly competes professionally in MTB – Mountain Bike – races and holds the title of champion in the XCUM specialty. We are talking about a particularly tough branch of cycling, so subjecting your body, and especially your legs, to the exhaustive workouts that this sport requires, pressotherapy boots are now a regular part of your routine. Something almost as important as his bike.

Thanks to sports pressotherapy, he achieves a faster recovery, while at the same time maintaining good lymphatic health that can be seen and noticed both in his muscles and in his skin.

Recently, he has shared a post on his Instagram that has filled us with immense satisfaction. And it is that in it he tells us about his experience with the presotherapy SIZEN. The weather being a key factor in his training, because the weather is not always good, sometimes he has no choice but to park his bike and stay at home.

But this does not mean that he abandons his physical care, far from it! And what better than having a good session of home pressotherapy? As an ambassador and representative of our brand, she uses her presotherapy boots frequently to keep fluid retention at bay and a lymphatic system in perfect condition. And being so observant of her own physical form, she has verified the results of pressotherapy on her legs before and after treatment. A great example for other women, even for non-athletes, who want to keep beautiful and toned legs.

But if you are an athlete, either professionally or as an amateur, and you are wondering if you could use pressotherapy before a race, the answer is yes, although it makes more sense to use it after physical effort since the massage fulfills the function of helping that your muscles recover sooner. That is why it is frequently used after competing or at the end of an intense workout. However, if you get nervous before competing, a massage would also not go amiss a few hours before the challenge, to relax your body and mind.

This is really up to you. It all depends on how you want to manage your stress. Before a competition, it is normal for adrenaline and hormones such as testosterone or cortisol, among others, to flow through your veins. Something inevitable and that can suit you more or less well, depending on how you know how to manage that increase in your stress. What most athletes usually think, yes, is that presotherapy just before a race is not the most logical as its relaxing effect could affect performance.

The night before the competition? Perfect. Letting yourself go with the draining massage while listening to some chill-out music can be a great therapy to calm that rush of stress before competing.

¡ Sizen para todo!

To serve as a reference, our ambassador Misha Sekulova has done a test on her legs, to measure the results of pressotherapy. After a 30 minute session programming with a pressure of 120 mmGH for 15 minutes and a pressure of 150 mmHG for the remaining 15 minutes, the volume in his legs has been greatly reduced. Which shows that without a doubt, presotherapy works! Measuring ankles and thighs before and after pressotherapy, the contour has gone from 25.50 cm to 22.80 cm in the ankles and from 46.80 cm to 41.30 cm in the thighs. Not bad huh? Imagine now what you can achieve.

Of course, we have to take into account that Misha is also in good physical shape through sports.

By this we mean that if you are not a professional athlete like her, but you do exercise, even for half an hour three days a week and you maintain a healthy and balanced diet, you will also notice the results of pressotherapy sooner and later. after performing the treatment. And if in your case it takes a little longer to notice the benefits of pressotherapy, especially visibly speaking, do not despair.

Depending on your physical condition, it may take you a little longer to achieve that physical change you long for, but it finally arrives. Let's understand that not everyone has runner's legs, but they do have the potential in their lower extremities to improve both their external appearance and their internal health to the maximum.

You just have to throw yourself into it and try the presotherapy SIZEN. You will see that the results of pressotherapy before and after using it are real, visible and palpable. Pressotherapy is something that is practiced with some frequency, it never disappoints. In fact, normally we can already talk about a substantial difference, especially in the legs, using the boots with some regularity for at least a month.

Use a tape measure and pay attention to the mirror to assess the positive impact of pressotherapy before and after 10 sessions. That is the minimum number of sessions that, carried out with enough continuity, should already give a good result. And of course, if you want the frequent use of pressotherapy to give you the best results and be as profitable as possible for your pocket, it is best to purchase your own pressotherapy machine with the complements that best suit your needs.

You will see that paying once and Being able to have pressotherapy at home for lifeIt is the cheapest option you will find. Also, SIZEN It offers you great payment facilities so that you do not want to take advantage of all the advantages of the leading pressotherapy in the Spanish market. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to show off firm and beautiful legs too? Ready, Set, Go!

  • We always advise medical consultation before starting a pressotherapy treatment. Also, you can read our Guide to Contraindications of Pressotherapy for more information. You will see that although a type of massage is generally very safe, some health problems may not tolerate the stimulation of the lymphatic circulation well and may even worsen.

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